• Adec W&H 99LT Synea with 5 port spray, refurbished excellent operating condition


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    • I am offering for sale a W&H Synea 99LT 1:5 electric contra angle with fiber optics, 5 hole water spray head the older version of the same model
    • I took this handpiece in on trade from on of my customers and I have placed into excellent operating condition for you. I did a pull test on the chuck and found it holding strong. I also installed a fresh set of ceramic ball bearings throughout and O rings
    • It has a 4 hole spray head that helps to cool down the tooth surface and bur. With this model it is critically important to flow water through the head it helps to cool the moving parts that will extend the wear life on the internal parts
    • I cleaned and polished the fiber optic rod. 
    • I am including a 4 month warranty on the entire handpiece from the date of delivery
    • It will connect to any drive motor such as Kavo, Midwest Estylus, NSK, Bien Air or any that accepts the back end tab as show in the pictures
    • I will be sending you a prepaid return mailer, just in case your not satisfied or if you have a handpiece you might have in need of repair I will give you $20.00 off you next repair