Dental Handpiece Maintenance Kit


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New Chuck Cleaner and Handpiece Lubricant

  • I have assembled 2 of the finest quality handpiece cleaner lubricant "EZ lube" and "Drill Juice" for cleaning the chuck mechanism, I have MSDS sheets for both products
  • "Drill Juice" is a product compatable with all lubricants and unaffected by autoclaving. It forms a tough bonded film, repelling dirt and debris that clogs chucking mechanisms
  • I have also created a handpiece maintenance video for your use, to help get your staff started on the proper way to handle and maintain the equipment
  • Ez lube has cleaning and lubricating properties to keep your high speeds or slow speeds operating at peak performance. It protects all internal parts against excessive wear and makes them last longer before it's time for them to be repaired
  • Due to frequent autoclaving they will fail, but with the help of your staff and these products have shown to extend turbine life much longer
  • I will also be sending my 10 commandments for handpiece care and a prepaid bubbler mailer with a gift certificate for $20.00 off you next handpiece repair
  • I have learned over the past 5 years of being in this business there are several factors why handpieces fail and have found ways to isolate the problem ,correct it and get you back on right track to high performing handpieces
  • You may contact me anytime with questions just call 866-823-4931