• Electric 1:5, 1:1 High Speed Attachment Quality Repair with warranty, all brands


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    Electric 1:5 or 1:1 ratio High Speed Attachment Quality Repair with warranty, all brands

    • Here is a great opportunity to save big from costly repairs from your supplier or manufacture
    • I have 8 years experience working on this type of handpiece. I use only high quality replacement parts from major manufactures that come with a 4 month warranty from the date of delivery
    • The charge is for a typical bearing replacement, cleaning, O rings, washers and spacers. If the the  handpiece starts to get a tiny vibrating sound or the bur will wobble and louse it's concentric. It may heat up while running and if left unchecked could burn a patient
    • If the bur is slipping out while running then that means the chuck that holds the bur tight is worn and needs to be replaced, that charge would be in addition to just a bearing rebuild, I will call you with that change before I do any work, most repairs are done withing 24 to 48 hrs after recieving handpiece
    • I am a stong proponent for regular cleaning and maintenance of all handpiece and I can assist your staff at no charge in proper procedures for cleaning and lubricating to help extend the use of your very expensive handpeice's.
    • When you make a purchase of the rebuild repair I will email you a prepaid printed shipping label to attach to a box or bubble envelope. I will also send you a Info sheet to fill out with the serial number of the handpiece and description of the problem you are having. Be sure to make a copy for yourself so you can keep track of the handpiece you sent me
    • If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime at 866-823-4931
    • For out of the US cutomers there will be a flat rate shipping charge to send to my shop and retrun to your office in your country