• Kavo 633 Push Button fiber optics "Small" head for Pedo work


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    "Pedo" Refurbished Kavo Contact Air 633C

    • I have refurbished it with a new new timpkin spindle chuck with ceramic ball bearings, and a new back cap
    • The head size is the same as a Kavo 635B
    • They show very little wear with some scratches around the head
    • Fiber Optics are near 90%
    • It has a 5 hole connection for your air and optic connection
    • The small head and handle will let you get into those tight area's around molars for a crown prep with plenty of torque to spare, you will Love it
    • It comes with my 6 month warranty on the entire handpiece and 1 year on spindle chuck with 6 months on bearings