• Nakamura Air Motor Combo


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    Nakamura  Air Motor Combo

    • I am able to buy these DIRECT from the manufacture and am passing the SAVINGS on to you!!!!!!
    • I have several Dr's who have purchased these and they just "Love them"
    • The motor operates at 20,000 rpm and the contra angle is a 1 to 1 ratio
    • It operates very quietly and smoothly due to the fact that the head has ball bearings
    • The entire unit only weights about 4 oz and the length is only 6"
    • You will notice it has a push button unlocking mechanism that keeps the contra angle from ever getting loose from the motor
    • The ball bearing head has a push latch type release of the 2.35mm latch type bur
    • It comes with my 1 year warranty
    • Buy now and receive a gift certificate for $20.00 off you first handpiece purchase or repair
    • For customers in the United States, I will enclose a prepaid mailer so you can return this purchase any time during the warranty period for free repair or you may use it to send me your other handpieces for free inspection and estimates.