• Nakamura Prophy Head New Screw in type


    New Nakamura Dental Prophy Head

    • I was able to make a large quantity purchase from the manufacture and am passing my savings on to you
    • It measures about 2" long and will fit on any straight nose cone attachment
    • I like this style over the disposable heads, due to the fact there is a metal connection pin that locks onto the handpiece instead of the plastic type which can break off inside the handpiece and the Dr ends up calling me to repair the handpiece
    • They are more cost effective in comparison to the plastic types, you can use them over and over before replaceing them
    • I will also send you a gift card for $20.00 off your next repair if you buy now
    • They come with my 6 month warranty from the date of Delivery
    • For customers in the United States, I am enclosing a prepaid mailer so you can return this purchase  if not satisfied or you may use it to send me your handpieces for free inspection and estimates.