• ND Nakamura Head -screw on prophy and TOSI nose cone


    Here's a winning combination for your hygienist

    • I received a call from one of my local Dentist, who said his disposable plastic prophy head had broken off inside the nose cone and he could not get it out. I removed it and was able to save the nose cone. I thought at the time there "ought to be a better way" to avoid this problem
    • Here it is, just stop using this disposable prophy heads all together  ,save money and start using this combination  
    • Comes with  1 - New ND Nakamura sealed head that connects to any straight nose cone. 1 - TOSI nose cone made in China and a box of 144 disposable screw in prophy heads
    • When your finished using them - throw away the screw in plastic head and clean the ND head and nose cone, sterilize and your ready for the next patient
    • The nose cone is a E type attachment that will fit on almost any E type drive motor. If you need a motor I have them too
    • The attachments come with my 6 month warranty from the date of delivery to your office