New NSK SMax M 25L 1:1 ratio


There are only 2 items left in stock.
  • I just opened the box to inspect and take pictures of a New NSK SMax M 25L 1:1 ratio, fiber optics, internal water single port, tough titanium surface that avoids scratches and stains. It accepts 2.35mm latch type bur for polishing, finishing and restorations
  • It will accept Kavo, Adec, Midwest electric driver motors that operate at a maxium 40,000 rpm
  • The handpiece comes with my 1 year warranty from the date of Invoice and it was made in Japan
  • I am a strong proponent of care and maintenance. I am including my 10 commandments and a free bottle of Syntek one of the finest cleaner lubricants on the market today 
  • I will be sending a prepaid bubbler mailer just in case you are not satisfied with the handpiece for a prompt and easy return. You may also use it to send me a handpiece for repair and receive $20.00 off. I will be sending my 10 commandments for proper care and maintenance of this handpiece
  • It is always a good idea to have several in your rotation which will help to reduce the frequency of repairs as you not reusing the same handpiece over and over.