NSK Presto Lab Handpiece Kit "New" regulator, foot pedal, connections, tubing


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High Speed Handpiece Installation Kit

  • I have assembled a new kit so you can install everything needed for one station work area
  • I am including : 1 New NSK Presto Lab High Speed Handpiece that operates at 320,000 rpm with 32 lbs air pressure. 
  • I am including : 1 ParkerAir regulator with pressure control, filter and gauge in one unit with 1/4" tubing compression connection fitings on each end of valve
  • I am including : 1 New foot pedal to connect to the handpiece and the regulator
  • All you need is to connect the regulator to your air supply and your ready to go
  • The Handpiece comes with my 1 year warranty and the turbine has a 6 month warranty

Note: If you need 1/4" tubing to fininsh the install, let me know and I will send it along with the order and instructions on hooking everything together