Refurbished NSK Timax 95L with new head cartridge and transmission


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  • I picked this one up and found it with medium wear
  • I installed a new NSK OEM head cartridge 
  • It is 1:5 ratio which can be used with any 40,000 rpm electric e-type drive motor such as Adec, Bien Air, Star, NSK, Midwest ones that will accept a fixed tab on the back end of the handpiece or one that has a indented notch in the front of the drive motor to accept the tab, see back end picture for verification
  • It has fiber optics light that are 100% and 4 hole water spray mist head
  • It accepts a regular high speed burs 1.6mm diameter
  • I am offering a 6 month warranty on the entire handpiece and a 14 day return policy if you are not satisfied with the handpiece 
  • I do have access to parts and can repair it for you as time mediumgoes by
  • I will be sending my 10 commandments for long handpiece life for your staff to post on the wall for reference and my contact information
  • I am a strong proponent of weekly maintenance and care and will be available by phone to answer any questions you have on proper care and maintenance 
  • I will be sending you a prepaid shipping label for the immediate return of this handpiece or use it to send me any handpiece repairs you may have and get $20.00 off your first repair