• Scaler Tips


    New Set of 3 Sonic Air scaler tips

    • I purchased a quantity of these scaler tips from a Pakistan manufacture who has been in business for over 20 years and produce tips of very high quality
    • There are 3 that come in a small zipper case for easy storage and transporting
    • Kit includes:  1 universal, 1 sickle, 1 Perio
    • Sharp cutting edge, best and accurate flow system on cutting edge, these tips are flexible
    • Please check out the back end connection of the tips and make sure they will fit your handpiece
    • I will be sending one of my prepaid bubbler mailers just in case you are not satisfied and can return them just in case your not happy with them or use the mailer to send me any handpiece repairs you may have and i will give you $20.00 off your first repair