Our owner Mike Nicholls received extensive training from a Nationally known Repair Service and for the past 15 years he has performed repairs on many different models of handpieces.

We ensure that all repairs work 100% of the time at maximum performance. We are a mail order service and give fast turnaround so you’re not waiting 2 weeks to receive your handpiece.

The inside of a handpiece tells me a great deal about how its cared for and used, this then helps me to inform the Dentist how they can receive longer wear life and better performance from their particular model handpiece. If you send me one of your Handpieces that is causing you some problems, I will give you a FREE analysis of its condition and provide you with a recommendation.

I offer video training for your model handpiece to test, clean, and lubricate bearings to help keep out corrosion and extend the life of the Handpiece.

When you give us the manufacturer and model number, we can gather all of the necessary parts and make all repairs in our office. Contact the professionals in North Liberty, Iowa Today for dental drill repair and care and maintenance tips for all handpieces.