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Dental Handpiece Repair Guy works with dental offices, oral surgeons, and dental labs to ensure that tools are in good working order. We perform preventive maintenance checks to make sure that handpieces are ready to use for any dental procedures.

Dental Handpiece Repair Guy
Dental Handpiece Repair Guy

Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance

Every dental handpiece we receive gets properly inspected to gauge its condition and cleanliness. Our team does a comprehensive assessment of the equipment’s outer shell and inner components to see what type of repair it needs. No matter the result of the inspection, we’ll send you a picture of your tools with the estimate for repair before we proceed.

We Service Old Dental Tools

Dental handpieces are generally built to last with durable outer shells that protect their inner components. We have serviced tools that are 20 to 25 years old and have sourced parts for them that can restore their performance. If new part installations don’t improve your equipment performance, we recommend buying a new handpiece.

Online Services

We offer online repair and consultation for small issues you have with your handpieces. You can contact us via Zoom and show us your equipment as it operates. From there, we’ll be able to perform a quick diagnosis and walk you through possible repairs or processes you can do to address the issue.

Safe Dentistry Practice

Our professionals value the work that you do for your clients. We want to partner with you in ensuring that tools are safe and running as expected to prepare crowns or dentures for your patients. With our years of experience in the industry, we deliver quality work through our people.

Dental Handpiece Repair Guy

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